Specific objective 2: To exploit synergies between RedCLARA and the South American NRENs, taking advantage of the fact that the proposed terrestrial backbone will cross several cities in each of the countries involved, making it possible to share the very same optical infrastructure to improve national capillarity, and thus strengthen the national network.

Work Package: 2. Optical NREN Deployment

Output: Optical Networks in each of the partner countries sharing infrastructure with the LA Optical Backbone

Output description:
The RedCLARA optical backbone will be formed by building wavelengths on the physical infrastructure created by patching together the physical backbones of the partner countries; hence the fibre path will be shared by the NREN of the country and the RedCLARA backbone. The partner countries will be encouraged and supported to complete their national networks to ensure not only transit to the RedCLARA backbone, but also the capillarity of their internal infrastructure. This will be expanded to cover all major cities and ensure in this way the state-of-the-art connection of all the NREN partner institutions and hence their access to the international and intercontinental connectivity provided by RedCLARA.

RNP (Brazil), REUNA (Chile), RENATA (Colombia) and CEDIA (Ecuador) will become fully optical by the end of the project that will also produce a backbone in Argentina that could be used later by InnovaRed to deploy a fully optical network.

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